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I consider myself a pro-active person with strong desire and ability to learn new things, both in my professional career as in my personal and family life.

Quite a perfectionist, I do not like to neglect my work, much less of other people who depend on it.

Always helpful, I seek to promote improvements to my assignments or other projects whose evaluation are requested to me.

As far as photography concern, my love for this medium began with the slides of my grandfather and my father. Much later, I started with a Ricoh, then passed to the Nikon FA and FM2, when I lived a few years in Macau. The digital came a lot later, but I still use film and reveal it in black and white. I love medium format -  6x4,5 and 6x6 - 120 film framing.

On photography, I am always learning and I try to see and read the most about the work of other photographers, renowned or not. I like spaces in decadence, but also street photography. Sometimes there are details that draw our attention. I still enjoy having the tripod with me and spend "minutes" on picture framing and camera levelling.

I do not appreciate simple flash photography, but I say yes to studio, in which artificial light can be properly controlled. I love graphic design and have already developed many projects, most of them professionally.

I really like animals, particularly dogs, with whom I am always learning new things every day, particularly on dedication and unconditional love. I like adventure travel, particularly to India and Southeast Asia.

I like motorbikes, bike riding and rowing.